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Rollable Gymnastic mats

For schools and clubs. Perfect for acrobatics, gymnastics and corrective activities.

Rollable gymnastic mat

Length: 10m, 12m, 14m (other on request)
Width:  2m
Thickness: 25mm, 35mm, 45mm
Colour: blue, honey, grey, dark grey
Accessories: hook-and-loop tape
Certificate: according to PN-EN 12-503-1:2004

– mats are generally designed for acrobatics and gymnastics ecercises as well as common body-building exercises performed without footwear, regardless of the age of gymnasts
– separate rollable gymnastic mats may be joined in order to form optional gymnastic floors and tracks
– rollable gymnastic mats are made of flame laminated layers of PE foam and a gymnastic carpet
– gymnastic carpet reduces the risk of skin attrition and burn, it also ensures excellent absorption and stroke parameters.


Types of rollable mats and accessories

Standard rollable mat
Available in blue and honey. Classic gimnastic mat.

Profi rollable mat
Available in blue, grey, dark grey. With ribbed, reinforced structure of a carpet.

Hook and loop tape
To connect mats
Colour: blue, black, beige

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