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Super light foldable gymnastic mats

Light version of traditional foldable gymnastic mats

– 200x100cm (2 elements 50x200cm)
– 200x200cm (3 elements 50x200cm, 100x200cm, 50x200cm)
Thickness: 5cm
Colour: blue, red, yellow, grey
Material: PVC fabric, “cube” embossing, with antiskid properties, fireproof class M2 (blue colour), phtalate free
Core: PE foam 30kg/m3
Accessories: anti-slip bottom
Certificate: according to PN-EN 12-503-1:2004
Type: one-sided mat

– mats are suitable for simple acrobatic as well as gymnastic exercises – because of the low deflection factor
– foldable gymnastic mat is made of a highly resistant, PVC “cube” fabric
– the cover is sewn with a covered zipper
– each mat contains the set of hook-and-loop tape flaps
– mats are generally designed for dynamic exercises where large flat surface and guarantee of ground stability are required
– the greatest advantage of the folded mats is possibility of forming small gymnastic floors or mat tracks – each mat contains the set of hook-and-loop tape flaps
– additional feature is that these mats can be folded and that’s why it is very easy to transport as well as store them
– it is possible to buy additional anti-slip bttom – recommended when buying mats in small sizes especially for Super Light ones. Provides increased stability.